It’s About Damn Time!

I’ve been out of print too damn long!

This country is really going to shit and I’m sorry, but my fellow bloggers have either given up or have taken the “Don’t the flowers smell nice today” approach.

As of today,  we are living in a socialistic country with steadily eroding freedoms, millions are homeless due to storms and foreclosures, and why? We are a service oriented economy, not a manufacturing economy any more. Thank NAFTA, thank Clinton, Bush and of course, Obama. Where Japan owned us, a few years ago, now our master is China, and they’re not going to let go so easily.

Bail out GM. Six new plants in China, Detroit in default, bail out Chrysler, Jeeps going to be built-in Italy, huge plant closed in Delaware.

Mass meetings, worrying about MRP attacks on our Electrical Grids, infrastructure computerized controls. Reams of governmental papers. Big transformers made in India. One magnetic burst and we’ll have no electricity for years. Takes 6 months to build one transformer.

They have known about this for several years. Many meetings at Hopkins Applied Physics, lots of hand wringing, and what has been done? Zip, Zero, Nada! No transformer plants, in the US. No hardening of infrastructure controls.

But, what they have done is fit a device on a drone, that can launch an MRP attack over a city in the US or elsewhere that has, say decided to secede from the union or perhaps revolt against Obama’s rules, such as TSA road blocks, or FEMA Camps. This would bring a select city or state to its knee’s.

And, just in time. As of today, there are over 60 petitions filed with the requesting secession of all 50 states from the union. I figure that effort will be reported in the Main Stream Media about as well as Obama’s trail results over his Birth Certificate.

So, that’s it for today.

Don’t bother sending anything else to the Sandy victims. Bloomberg and FEMA will not allow food or clothing through. Find legit cash contributions other than the Red Cross. Eighty Cents of every Dollar goes in their pockets.

DamSpot Out!


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