Israel vs Everyone

Israelite’s, Muslim’s, Christian’s. What are the differences, other than the different Prophets?

Well, first of all, there are no Israelite’s any longer. Other than that nothing. Per DNA, they were/are all related by blood dating back to the beginning of time as is known by religion. Two brothers, one who became Jewish, the other Muslim. The Muslim brother had many wives, hundreds of children, thousands of grandchildren and the list goes on to modern-day Palestine.

The Israelis are again bombing the Gaza strip and Palestine as they have done ever since 1948. Between Palestinians and Arabs, they have killed 90,785 and wounded 67,602. These numbers were prior to this latest incursion.

The world has the British and their Balfour Treaty to thank for the division of Palestine and Egypt into Israel after WW2.

You remember WW2. The Holocaust? How can you forget when the Jews have screamed the word for over 70 years.

Here are some facts, courtesy of the Web.

Camps were begun to house Jews December 8, 1941. These continued until the wars end in 1945. This was a total of 1118 days.

For the Germans to have killed 6 Million Jews, they would have had to kill 5367 Men, Woman and Children every day for 1118 days, ignoring the Russian front, the Invasion of France and the defense of Germany.

Forget that during this same period Gypsies, Spanish, Czechs, Poles, Germans, French, Americans, Russians, ET AL were also confined and being tortured, starved and killed as slave labor.

Many ground penetrating radar expeditions have been done and no mass graves have been found around the camps. The Gas Chambers have no residue of Xyclon-B, which leaves a blue stain on walls.

So, what about now?

The Israeli people are committing the same type of murder that they have continue to blame Germany of for Generations.

They want to kill off the last bastions of any DNA of the creation of the largest Religions in the World.

The only people who are even remotely upset are the Muslims. Christians are taught that Jesus was a Jew, so they support the Jews in their insane policies of Ethnic Cleansing.




These are not the Israelite’s. They are Sephardic, Ashkenazi and Mizrahi origins from the Middle East, Europe and North Africa.

They are not the blood of your Christ. The Palestinians actually are, and are dying because you are blind and won’t insist that your government stop supporting a renegade regime run by people no better than Hitler.

If you insist in believing in religion, then REALLY believe and support Gods real children, not murderers.


DamSpot Out!


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