An Open Letter To The FDA

This morning, I sent an open letter to the FDA concerning Monsanto’s GMO’s in the open market. It seems that all testing that was done was done only by Monsanto and then rubber stamped by the FDA. The letter is posted below and I will follow up with the FDA’s response as soon as I receive it.


I have been reading the FDA’s Consumer guides and documents to the tests and assurances of the safety of Genetically Modified Foods such as Corn, Soy and Beets and am concerned that the findings that have the FDA’s approval on them were all subject to testing by Monsanto themselves and then rubber stamped, with no further follow up by the FDA. This is reminiscent of  Aspartame when it was released without any testing, in the 80’s. Now we are getting warnings from the FDA of health problems being caused by Aspartame after all these years.

The number of people using Aspartame is nothing compared to those being exposed to GMO foods, which are being shown in France, the UK, Canada and South America to be causing serious problems with Genetic Modifications (DNA) in Lab Animals, Cancerous Tumors, changes in Thyroid growth and condition. Also, several countries have or are in the process of banning these seeds all together.

I ask you, as a concerned consumer to please pull these products from the market until they can be properly tested by the government and independent labs. It seems to me that if there wasn’t a hidden problem with the Modified Foods, Monsanto would not have objected so readily to the California Proposition to label all GMO foods.

If they don’t feel there is a problem, show it on the label and come right out and defend the products to the public by publicizing their studies and their findings. All they are doing by fighting labeling is adding fuel to the fire.



I look forward to your response.



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