Another Distraction From the Government Screw Job

Children being killed in Connecticut. Shooter crazed. Assault Weapons kept in a Suburban house. Sane Mother shot by crazed son, prior to school shootings.

These headlines will be around for weeks. And, what will our Government be doing to us during that time? Well, first, there is still the fiscal cliff matter, which will probably be worked out if anyone in the Senate hopes to ever be reelected. The Congress is screaming for Gun Control which, while no one is watching will get pushed through to no ones liking.

We already have a system in place for gun control. It simply has to be tweaked and enforced.

Weapon Registration can be incorporated like carrying permits. Bank ground checks are run and then a permit to purchase is issued. However, this should be expanded to include anyone who also lives in that house. For example, a Felon, an individual being treated for depression, as the man in Connecticut had been, or anyone having a criminal record. The permit to purchase would be denied thus removing the temptation for residents, other than the owner having access to the weapons.

So you say, that’s discrimination to refuse a permit to a sane, record free person, based on others in his house. But, that is just what occurred in Connecticut. The mother was permitted to own weapons and the son would not have been. He killed her, took the weapons and used them in the act of murder/suicide.

Everyone is blaming the NRA, the 2nd Amendment,   Gun Makers, and everyone else.

It’s time for some introspective when it comes to taking responsibility for actions that could very well take place in almost any American household.

Do you have guns? Do you have children? Then you could repeat what happened in Connecticut.

“I have them locked up.” “My kid’s know better.” “I keep them hidden.” “My kid’s aren’t crazy.”

Just keep telling yourself that. I’m sure more than one of the parents of those children in Connecticut read about West Virginia, Columbine and others and thought the same thing, including the mother of the shooter.


Good Luck thinking that way.


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