Conspiracy Theories/ An Open Letter to Anderson Cooper Posted to CNN

Anderson, Conspiracy theories only exist in a vacuum. In the Newtown case, there are many areas where CNN and the rest of the media have dropped the ball on following up on the story, causing independent theories to spring up. These, among others are, First, the shooter used a long rifle (AR-15), then a video was shown of the Police removing said rifle from the trunk of the car he supposedly drove. VACUUM First, he had 2 handguns, then there were 3. VACUUM The helicopter showed at least 2 other people running from the scene in the woods. Who were they and where did they fit in? VACUUM It was reported by survivors, that a man in Camos was seen running through the halls. Who was he and where is he? VACUUM Shooters Mother ID as a teacher, then a school worker, then a substitute teacher, then school claims no knowledge of her employment. No follow-up? VACUUM No interviews with Ex-husband, other son school staff, teachers? VACUUM What happen to investigative journalism? If they could have gotten close enough, reporters would have had a microphone in Jackie Kennedy’s face at Park General Hospital. It would seem that CNN has caught the Piers Morgan bug and only wants to jump on the Anti-Gun Bandwagon. How about doing something original, particularly you Anderson, and follow in the footsteps of greats such as Murrow and Cronkite and get the answers instead of tearing down those who are trying to do just that.


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