I’ll Take Your Guns, But You’ll Pry My Booze Out Of My Hardheaded DUI Hands


Everybody has one. Save the Whales. PETA. NRA. Get Rid of Guns. DUI Enforcement Community Committees, and on and on.

Many of the same people belong to the same groups, but fail to see the long range connection between the goals that they are attempting to accomplish in one group with how those same goals should react in another group.

Take for example, and individual who is anti gun, and has lost a relative to a drunk driver. His goal for several years is to head up Community DUI Committees working with local police to set up DUI check points to catch drunk drivers. He has reported, through social media that this has been quite successful and that year to date results, though still high, show a drop in the number of tickets.

Now, this man would support a ban on weapons, never mind what kind. Upon mentioning the fact that the newest killer on the block are texters and cell phone users while driving, he totally ignores that. When suggesting that booze be banned, he becomes highly inflamed. Now, keep in mind what you just read above about him. He didn’t lose a relative to a bullet.

It is this narrow type of thinking that is going to destroy this country.

The inability to see the ‘Big Picture’ and to understand how it all fits together is how we are going to be taken literally to the bank and be used as a whipping post by the government.

If one of us joins an organization that doesn’t appear to fit  established political patterns, he is marked as a Rat or snitch or worse.

Apparently those people, who are old enough, have forgotten the big Commie scare of the 50’s started by the likes of themselves.

Well, all I have to say is good luck living blissfully unaware in the Northwest between Mt Saint Helen’s, Old faithful, and the Saint Andreas Fault. Oh, and lets throw in the Japanese Radiation for good measure. Apparently, it has already set in on a few.


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