An Open Letter To Mike Malloy, Piers Morgan and their Trolls. You’ve Lost!

When did you lose?

You lost when you failed to report the Sandy Hook facts correctly.

You lost when you failed to report that the DHS bought MILLIONS of rounds of Assault Ammunition during the summer. Three rounds for every man, woman and child.

You lost when you recently failed to mention that the DHS ordered 7000 (SEVEN THOUSAND) Fully Automatic versions of the AR-15 (Can you say M-16) for Personal Protection. Why? Easy to use in close quarters and concealable. Their words, not mine.

You lost every time you opened your mouths claiming to speak for the vast majority of the American people.

For both of you, the gun bills, as written are dead. Imagine, a 1 bullet clip. Who came up with that? Timothy Leary?


FACE THE FACTS. Piers, you should have your Green Card, Work Visa and Pass Port invalidated and be sent back to work for the Mirror. Face it. It’s more you style to report on Prince Harry’s Canker Sores.

Mike, you need to stop being a paid shill for Obama. That way, you’ll broadcast to more than 60 people at a time and stop losing stations. Also, ASCAP is looking into your use of Pay for Play music during your shows.


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